Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make a payment?

You can make payments thru SM, Bayad Center, 7-11/ECPAY, Cebuana Lhuillier, M. Lhuillier and RCBC Commercial Banks.

What are the mode of payments available?

We accept cash payments thru SM, 7-11/ECPAY, Cebuana Lhuillier and Mlhuillier. Cash and/or Online Payments can be paid thru RCBC Commercial Banks via their websites.

What are transaction fees and why do I need to pay it?

Transaction fees are minimal charges from our payment partners. For SM Business Centers transaction fee is Php13 while Bayad Center, ECPAY, Cebuana and Mlhuiiler fee is Php15. There is no charge for RCBC payment.

Are there any hidden charges?

There are no hidden charges. All payments and fees are included in the disclosure form.

Will you accept payment from a 3rd party on my behalf?

Yes, anyone can pay on your behalf as long as they have your loan account number and account name.

What do I write for biller/account name?


If I pay ahead of my due date will I be charged any fee?


Can I pay using my credit card?

No for now, we only accept cash payments through internet banking payments and our payment channels.

How will I know if the payment was received?

You will receive a notification SMS as a receipt of your payment within 48 hours. You may view your posted payments conveniently using our My Payments web portal or My Home Credit App.

Do you accept cheque payments?

No, we only accept cash payments through internet banking payments and our payment channels.

How can I keep track of my monthly statements?

Your payment schedule, which includes the monthly dues for each installment of your loan, may be viewed conveniently through My Payments web portal or My Home Credit App.

How long does it take for my payment to be posted on my account?

Posting of payments is usually completed within 48 hours from the time of payment. You may conveniently check your latest payment transactions anytime using our My Payments web portal or My Home Credit mobile app. Should your payment fail to be posted within 48 hours, you may chat with our Customer Service Department through our My Home Credit App or Contact Us page so that we can assist you.

If I would pay in advance can i get a discount on the interest?

We have Full Early Repayment and Partial Early Repayment options that can facilitate a recalculation on your interest. If you are interested, our Customer Service can discuss all the information with you.

Can I apply for another loan?

Yes, after you finished your current loan.

What is the difference between the Payment Due date and the Recommended Payment Due date?

Payment due date is the actual due date of the client, it is also the date when the client signed the contract and went home with the goods. Recommended Payment Due date is always 3 days earlier than the actual due date. Recommended Payment due date aims to prevent any late payment fees.

What are the requirements for an Auto Debit Arrangement (ADA)?

You must have a savings account with one of the following banks: BPI, BDO, Metrobank, Security Bank, and RCBC.

How to enroll for Auto Debit Arrangement (ADA)?

If you want to enroll for ADA as your payment method during application, please bring your bank account information, such as Full Name registered on your bank and your bank account number. Our Sales Assistant will be glad to process your ADA enrollment.

How would I know if my Auto Debit Arrangement (ADA) application was approved or rejected?

An SMS will be sent within 20 days of filling out the ADA form informing you of the approval or rejection. Should the application be rejected, you are still free to pay your installment through any of our accredited payment channels.

When will you debit the payment from my account if I am enrolled to ADA?

Debiting of payment is based on the recommended due date stated on your account, which is three (3) working days prior to your due date. This is done so that in case debiting from your bank account is unsuccessful, you would still have three (3) days to pay the installment through other channels so as to avoid late payment.

I am enrolled in Auto Debit Arrangement (ADA). How will I know if my payment was successfully debited on my bank account?

You will receive an SMS & email within 48 hours from your payment to confirm status. You can view your transaction through My Payments web portal or My Home Credit App. But in case that your ADA is unsuccessful, you will receive an SMS notification stating that we were unable to deduct on your account. Please coordinate this with your bank. For the meantime, you may pay your monthly installment through our accredited payment channels.

How to cancel Auto Debit Arrangement (ADA)?

Please send an email to and include the following details:
-Loan Account Number
-Full Name
-Reason for ADA Cancellation

What are the penalties imposed for late payment?

The following penalties are implemented for reaching specific days of delinquency, as indicated in your contract:
Any time after your due date: + Php 200
30 days past due: + Php 400
60 days past due: + Php 600
90 days past due: + Php 800
Note: Penalties and charges add up separately on top of your unpaid installment/s.

I want to refund my overpayment, what shall I do?

If you have a bank account:

  • Loan Account NUMBER
  • ACCOUNT HOLDER’S NAME (must be same as Client’s Name)
  • BANK (where the overpayment will be deposited)
  • BANK ACCOUNT NUMBER (must be savings account not payroll/cash card accounts)
  • AMOUNT TO BE DEPOSITED (overpayment amount)
  • PROOF OF PAYMENT (receipt/ online banking confirmation)

If you have no bank account, you have to send a signed letter of authorization stating where the refund should be deposited to. This letter is to be sent by MAIL: Attention to Incoming Payments to 11th Floor Vertis North Corporate Tower 1 Diliman Quezon City containing the following details:

  • Loan Account Number
  • Client’s Complete Name
  • Payment Date
  • Bank Accountholders Name (where the refund should be deposited to)
  • Bank ( i.e. BDO, BPI..etc ) – where the overpayment should be deposited
  • Bank Branch
  • Bank Account Number ( not the card number showing on their ATM card,must be savings account not payroll/cash card accounts)
  • Requested refund Amount – ( overpayment amount )
  • Relationship to the Bank Accountholder
  • Photocopy of valid government issued ID of Client and bank accountholder
  • PROOF OF PAYMENT (receipt/ online banking confirmation)

Note: Letter MUST be signed by both Client and Bank Accountholder

Please be also advised that if in case the refund amount has a bank charge ranging from Php 10 – Php 100, this will be deducted on your overpayment refund amount.

The account number that I’ve inputted when I paid my Home Credit loan was incorrect. It’s the account number of my relative/friend. Is it possible to transfer it to the right account?

If you are not related to the owner of incorrect loan account number, please send an email to with the following details:

  1. 1. Correct Loan Account number – where the payment should be posted on
  2. 2. Incorrect Loan Account number – where the payment was mistakenly posted
  3. 3. Relationship to the owner of Wrong Account Number – Relatives/Friends
  4. 4. Date of payment
  5. 5. Amount Paid
  6. 6. Payment Channel – where client made the payment
  7. 7. Proof of payment – scanned copy of payment slip/receipt

However, if you are related to the owner of incorrect loan account number (let us say that she/he is your relative or friend) it is a MUST that you call our Customer Service hotline for voice authentication together with owner of the wrong loan account number.

During transaction, I supplied my correct loan account number but my payment was not posted. What shall I do?

Please send an email to containing the following details:

  • Loan Account Number
  • Name of Account Holder
  • Payment Details (Date of Payment, Amount and Payment Channel)
  • Scanned Copy of Payment Receipt”

Is it possible to change my due date?

If you are having difficulty maintaining your payments, please call (02) 7753 5712 for us to assess if your due date can be moved to a more convenient date for you.

What are the accredited payment channels?

We accept cash payments thru SM, 7-11/ECPAY, Bayad Center, Cebuana Lhuillier, Mlhuillier, TrueMoney, and You can check the complete details here. We also have the Auto Debit Arrangement or ADA where you can enroll your account in a hustle free mode of payment. Your monthly dues will be automatically debited 3 days prior to due date.