BARO gives the option to eligible customers to avail of a one-time 60-day grace period with accrued interest for loan and credit card customers with due dates from September 15-December 31, 2020.

According to Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP), all banks, quasi-banks, credit card issuers and other BSP-Supervised Financial institutions with lending operations are covered by BARO.  Home Credit is one of these institutions.

Eligible Home Credit Customers are:

  • Those with loans and credit card accounts that are current and don’t have overdue payments as of September 15, 2020
  • Those with installments due from September 15 to December 31, 2020

Those with credit card purchases before September 15, 2020

Option 1: You may continue with paying according to your original installment schedule or due dates.

  • There will be no accrued interest on your account.
  • For credit card customers, you will be able to continue using your card.

Option 2: For eligible customers, you can avail of a one-time 60-day grace period.

  • You can skip payments for 60 days or 2 months
  • The loan term for your installment will be extended by two months.

But keep in mind:

  • There will be an accrued interest applied on your account for the availed grace period.
  • For credit card customers, your card will be blocked during the grace period.

For eligible customers, we sent an email to your registered email address to discuss your options.  You can also call us at (02)77535712.

We want to make sure that you will continue to enjoy this convenient payment method, thus we will continue to debit payments from your bank account on your scheduled debit dates.

For eligible customers, if you wish to temporarily discontinue your auto-debit arrangement, call us at (02)77535712 prior to your scheduled debit dates.

For loan customers:

Accrued interest = Remaining principal amount x monthly interest rate x no. of months in grace period

*Accrued interest for loans can be paid one-time or in staggered basis until December 31, 2020.

For credit card customers:

Regular Transaction Computation

Outstanding principal balance (as of cut-off for which grace period will apply) X

Daily Interest Rate X # of days balance remained unpaid

Installment Plan Computation

Unpaid principal balance (as of cut off for which grace period will apply) X

Annual Interest Rate X interest period duration (no. of grace period days)/360

*Accrued interest for cards will be charged at the end of the installment schedule.

We’re encouraging you to make a payment on or before your due date.  We are however giving you until 10 days after your due date to settle your payment.  This way, your account will no longer have accrued interest and your loan term will not be extended.


If we don’t receive the amount due 10 days after your due date, grace period will automatically apply on your account.  Loan term will be extended and accrued interest will apply.

Yes, the grace period will not affect your gift payment eligibility.  You just need to make sure to keep your account updated according to the new installment schedule.

The accrued interest also needs to be paid in order to be eligible for gift payment.

We understand that this is a difficult situation for all of us. We are still reviewing how we can assist you further. Please keep your lines open so we can easily contact you.

We have a lot of payments channels that you can choose from. Should you wish to post your payment in your account real-time, you can make payments thru Gcash, USSC, Palawan Express, Bayad Center, Robinsons, LBC, 7-11/ECPAY, Mlhuillier, Cebuana Lhuillier. You may also pay via SM Bills payment wherein payment is being posted within 24-48hours.

We have a lot of payments channels that you can choose from where we accept cash and online payments.

  • For cash payments, we have real-time you may pay through Gcash, USSC, Palawan Express, Bayad Center, Robinsons, and LBC, 7-11/ECPAY, Mlhuillier, Cebuana Lhuillier and SM Bills payment.
  • Cash and/or Online Payments can be paid thru RCBC Commercial Banks via their websites.

Transaction fees are minimal charges from our payment partners. For real-time payment posting partners like Palawan Express, GCash, USSC, Bayad Center, Cebuana, MLhuilier and ECPay branches, transaction fee is P15.00. For SM Bills pamynet transaction fee is Php13.

There are no hidden charges. All payments and fees are included in the disclosure form.

Yes, anyone can pay on your behalf as long as they have your loan account number and account name.

Home Credit/HC Consumer Finance

No for now, we only accept cash payments through internet banking payments and our payment channels.

You will receive a notification SMS as a receipt of your payment within 48 hours. You may view your posted payments conveniently using our My Payments web portal or My Home Credit App.

No, we only accept cash payments through internet banking payments and our payment channels.

Your payment schedule, which includes the monthly dues for each installment of your loan, may be viewed conveniently via our My Home Credit App which can be downloaded in Google playstore or through My Payments portal in our website

Payments made via our payment partners are being reflected on our system real-time or in a span of minutes. Once payment has been made, you will receive a payment notification via SMS. You may track all your payment transactions via My Home Credit App which can be downloaded in Google playstore or through My Payments portal in our website

We have Full Early Repayment and Partial Early Repayment options that can facilitate an adjustment on your interest. If you are interested, please feel free to chat or call with us so we could assist you further.

Yes, after you finished your current loan.
Payment due date is the actual due date of the client, it is also the date when the client signed the contract and went home with the good/s. Recommended Payment Due date is always 3 days earlier than the actual due date (Recommended Payment due date) and aims to prevent any late payment fees.
You must have a savings account with one of the following banks: BPI, BDO, Metrobank, Security Bank, and RCBC.
If you want to enroll for ADA as your payment method during application, please bring your bank account information, such as Full Name registered on your bank and your bank account number. Our Sales Assistant will be glad to process your ADA enrollment.
An SMS will be sent within 15 banking days of filling out the ADA form informing you of the approval or rejection. Should the application be rejected, you are still free to pay your installment through any of our accredited payment channels.
Debiting of payment is based on the recommended due date stated on your account, which is three (3) working days prior to your due date. This is done so that in case debiting from your bank account is unsuccessful, you would still have three (3) days to pay the installment through other channels so as to avoid late payment.
You will receive an SMS & email within 48 hours from your payment to confirm status. You can view your transaction through My Payments web portal or My Home Credit App. But in case that your ADA is unsuccessful, you will receive an SMS notification stating that we were unable to deduct on your account. Please coordinate this with your bank. For the meantime, you may pay your monthly installment through our accredited payment channels.
Please send an email to and include the following details:

  • Loan Account Number
  • Full Name
  • Reason for ADA Cancellation

The following penalties are implemented for reaching specific days of delinquency, as indicated in your contract:

  • Any time after your due date: + Php 200
  • 30 days past due: + Php 400
  • 60 days past due: + Php 600
  • 90 days past due: + Php 800

Note: Penalties and charges add up separately on top of your unpaid installment/s.

  • Loan Account NUMBER
  • ACCOUNT HOLDER’S NAME (must be same as Client’s Name)
  • BANK (where the overpayment will be deposited)
  • BANK ACCOUNT NUMBER (must be savings account not payroll/cash card accounts)
  • AMOUNT TO BE DEPOSITED (overpayment amount)
  • PROOF OF PAYMENT (receipt/ online banking confirmation)

**Some banks may have charges for processing the request.

If you have no bank account, you have to send a signed letter of authorization stating where the refund should be deposited to. This letter is to be sent by MAIL: Attention to Incoming Payments to 11th Floor Vertis North Corporate Tower 1 Diliman Quezon City containing the following details:

  • Loan Account Number
  • Client’s Complete Name
  • Payment Date
  • Bank Accountholders Name (where the refund should be deposited to)
  • Bank ( i.e. BDO, BPI..etc ) – where the overpayment should be deposited
  • Bank Branch
  • Bank Account Number ( not the card number showing on their ATM card,must be savings account not payroll/cash card accounts)
  • Requested refund Amount – ( overpayment amount )
  • Relationship to the Bank Accountholder
  • Photocopy of valid government issued ID of Client and bank accountholder
  • PROOF OF PAYMENT (receipt/ online banking confirmation)

Note: Letter MUST be signed by both Client and Bank Accountholder

Please be also advised that if in case the refund amount has a bank charge ranging from Php 10 – Php 100, this will be deducted on your overpayment refund amount.

If you are not related to the owner of incorrect loan account number, please send an email to with the following details:
  1. Correct Loan Account number – where the payment should be posted on
  2. Incorrect Loan Account number – where the payment was mistakenly posted
  3. Relationship to the owner of Wrong Account Number – Relatives/Friends
  4. Date of payment
  5. Amount Paid
  6. Payment Channel – where client made the payment
  7. Proof of payment – scanned copy of payment slip/receipt

However, if you are related to the owner of incorrect loan account number (let us say that she/he is your relative or friend) it is a MUST that you call our Customer Service hotline for voice authentication together with owner of the wrong loan account number.
Please send an email to containing the following details:
  • Loan Account Number
  • Name of Account Holder
  • Payment Details (Date of Payment, Amount and Payment Channel)
  • Scanned Copy of Payment Receipt”
If you are having difficulty maintaining your payments, please call (02) 7753 5712 for us to assess if your due date can be moved to a more convenient date for you.
Client will be notified via Email, SMS and call once here or she is eligible for another cash loan. Also, they may also view their cash loan offer via their Home Credit App.

You may check future promotions that a client is eligible at in Home Credit App. Client may also received email and SMS notification should they’ll be qualified to other promotions