Why it is better to purchase your Christmas gifts in advance

BGM cue in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…

Let’s sing Merry Christmas and a happy holiday

 This season may we never forget the love we have for Jesus

 Let Him be the one to guide us as another new year starts

 And may the spirit of Christmas be always in our hearts

Did you sing it too? I can’t blame you, because I can’t help but to sing it too. 😊

It is for sure by this time we are already hearing this song from the radio, from the neighborhood, and even on television shows and we’ve all seen all the memes and photos all over the internet with none other than singer and songwriter Mr. Jose Mari Chan. And this only means one thing, the Christmas season is just around the corner!

I can still remember there was a moment of silence while I flip our calendar at home realizing how time flies so fast and in just like that, we are now officially entering –ber months! And since the Philippines is being recognized as the country which has the longest celebration of Christmas, we are getting used to preparing for Christmas as early as September. And part of our preparation is buying gifts for our families, loved ones, and friends. Because, what is a Filipino Christmas celebration without gift-giving? In fact, there would always be an exchange gift portion which is one of the highlights every Christmas party we attended in previous years.

Before this pandemic affected our lives, there are plans already on how this year’s Christmas celebration will be observed. This year might be different, but one thing is for sure, Christmas will still be celebrated in our own ways and possibly thru gift giving. And if you are planning to continue your gift-giving tradition, now is the time to prepare to buy gifts.

Buying gifts in advance can help you spread the cost

Early buying of gifts could really help you in many ways particularly on your budgeting. As early as now, you can list down the names of the recipients and the corresponding gifts you wish to buy for them. In that way, you can track your budget for the succeeding months and will help you to know how much you can afford to spend on buying gifts. For instance, you started to buy gifts for the first 5 people on your list, then through October another set of people, then through November another set of people.

There are big chances to avail low price items and discounts

Since you are on early preparation, you have the chance to get items on discounted and low prices. Because we all know the ‘demand’ is way different than when you shop after November. In addition to that, you will have all the time to hunt for better gifts with the best prices that is within your budget.

You can enjoy shopping and avoid a hassle in last-minute buying

Since we are still in general community quarantine, you can choose to shop online instead of braving the hassle of going outside. Many retailers offer free shipping and you can take advantage of it. Also, you have a wide variety of items to choose from when you shop online.

Indeed, we have been challenged by this year that it almost feels like we rode a rollercoaster. But as they say, life must go on. As we will celebrate this Christmas season with a little difference, let us not forget to spread the love by continuing our giving of gifts tradition.

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