Washing machine you can get on a below P10k budget

Spending most of your time washing your clothes will not be part of your normal routine anymore if you have a washing machine that will help you not just to avoid back pains but to give you more time to do other enjoyable things like watching TV, scrolling on your news feed, dancing on TikTok, or doing other household chores.

When buying a washing machine, you usually get what you pay for. It doesn’t have to be expensive especially if you won’t be needing special features that come with it. Sometimes, basic ones are also a good choice.

To help you make a good decision on what to choose, let us see what type and brand of washing machine you can get on below 10k budget and on an installment basis:


If you are into an eco-friendly type of washing machine, this is what you might want to buy. This twin tub comes with an eco soak wash function and has 7kg washing capacity. Eco soak wash function soaks and washes your clothes using the generous amount of water. This will help your family to conserve water and energy as well.

– Other features: Air Dry, Rat Proof Base, Rust Proof Plastic Body, Star Fin Pulsator
– Estimated Price: Php 7,000
– Monthly Payment (MP): PHP 933 (6 mos to pay)
– Downpayment(DP): PHP 1,568


A powerful washing machine is what you might want to consider buying. This fully auto top load washing machine has 7.5 kg washing capacity and comes with 8 washing programs (Wash, Standard, Quick Wash, Delicate, Soak Wash, Drum Drying, Spin, Rinse). This all-around washing machine has the power to wash your clothes evenly with its Revomax Pulsator feature.

– Other features: Clear Plastic Lid, Honeycomb Crystal Drum, Hydro-guard active lint filter
– Estimated Price: Php 9,998
– MP: PHP 1,333 (6 months)
– DP: PHP 2,240


Looking for bigger wash capacity and bigger spin capacity? This twin tub washing machine is what you might want to bring home. Aside from its 9kg washing capacity, it has a rat-proof and rustproof design.

– Other features: Durable, safety spin lid with overflow filter, big knobs, drag type lint filter, durable plastic material, long pulsator rotation (ON 12 x 3 seconds)
– Estimated price: Php 8,399
– MP: PHP 1,120 (6 months)
– DP: PHP 1,881


If you are living alone or renting a small apartment, this single tub washing machine might be a good choice for you. It has a 5 kg washing capacity featuring a cylindrical tub. This may look basic, but this washing machine is designed to deliver heavy-duty performance in washing clothes.

– Other features: Plastic cabinet, 15 mins. Max timer, Rat proof base
– Estimated price: Php 3,298
– MP: PHP 600 (6 months)
– DP: PHP 508


Looking for a dual wash speed type of washing machine? This 7kg twin tub washing machine is what should be on your choice. This is equipped with mini-pulsators and scrubbers and has 15 minutes wash timer.

– Other features: double wall lining, rustproof plastic body, double inlet hose, see-through wash lid, rat-proof base
– Estimated price: Php 6,798
– MP: PHP 906 (6 months)
– DP: 1,523

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