Take Home The Fun This Summer!

Looks like we’re gonna have to say goodbye to our getaway plans again this year. But worry not, because there are still so many ways to bring summer into our homes.

Here are 4 easy ways to take home the fun this summer!

1. Summer is Sweet with Mister Donut

Welcome the hottest days with the sweet, sweet, flavors of Mister Donut that we all love. Whether you want a snack or a dessert, you can never go wrong with this all-time favorite.

2. Summer is Exciting Chef Tony’s

Here’s an exciting way to add some crunch on your everyday summer life. Chef Tony’s popcorns are simply the perfect munchies while you’re working from home, binge watching, or simply chilling with your housemates.

3. Summer is Refreshing with Pub Express

Enjoy beautiful summer mornings with delicious breakfast meals from Pub Express. Their unique take on classic Pinoy recipes paired with their refreshing drinks will surely make you want to eat like a king.

4. Summer is Sizzling Zark’s

Start the summer festivities with feel good meals from Zark’s. Their freshly-prepared, delicious, and IG-worthy burgers are a no-fail way to fill your tummy with quality food and your heart with good vibes.
Be sure to check out Smile, and scan to enjoy big discounts and awesome summer deals!

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