Summer Na! Food Trip Tayo?

 Here’s a list of refreshing dishes and yummy food to help you welcome the summer in the most delicious way possible! Although we have to stay at home in order to stay safe, these food spots will surely give you the perfect stuff to munch on while chilling during this hot season.

  1. Treat Yourself with Bon Appetea! 😋

Milk tea? Yes, please. Beat the heat with Bon Appetea’s wide range of freshly brewed flavors. Aside from their famous signature drink, you can also have a sip of their Frappes, Yakult Teas, and more. Their beautiful packaging can also be the perfect backdrop for your selfies and Tiktok videos. 🤳📸

  1. Pizza? Papa John’s is here for you! 🍕

Who can say no pizza? We know we can’t! Especially if it’s from Papa John’s. Their original handmade crust is baked until light, fluffy, and perfect with whatever topping you choose! Be it cheesy, meaty, or veggie, they have the flavor that you will definitely enjoy. While you’re at it you can also indulge in their pastas and sides. 🍽️

  1. Boost your immunity with Citrus Zone Refreshments! 🍋

A summer body is a healthy body! Do your body a favor and let Citrus Zone Refreshments cool you down with their freshly squeezed juice. You can even take the classic lemonade up a notch with their add-ons and toppings such as coco + nata, coffee + vanilla, and lychee + chia. With their guilt-free drinks, you can now keep the heat and virus away from you. ☂️😷

  1. Enjoy cheesy treats at Chizmozza Food Corner! 🧀

Enter the heaven for all cheese lovers whenever you buy from Chizmozza Food Corner. They have a wide variety of deep-fried snacks such as mozzarella bites, sticks, and popsicle which are served with premium dips that complements each bite. Now, everyday can feel like fry-day! 🙌

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