Say goodbye to your quarantine weight gain starting at PHP 500

This quarantine period made us all stay at home and had us do what we love to do as Filipinos – satisfy our food cravings while eating with the whole family.

Since going to the gym now is still a “no-no”, getting rid of the weight gained during quarantine won’t be an easy task. But here are some basic gym equipment you can set-up at home to help you push with #BalikAlindog2020 and say goodbye to all your quarantine-weight gained:


– It is important to select the appropriate weight of your dumbbells. Exercises using dumbbells provide an effective low-calorie burn and will help you increase your muscle growth and strength.

– Calorie burn: 163 calories for a 45-minutes weight-training exercise/session

– Price range: PHP 500 – PHP 2,000


– Kettlebell workout will improve your overall strength, core power, balance, flexibility, and coordination. It will also help you have healthy and lean muscles.

– Calorie burn: 20 calories/minute, 400; 400 calories during a typical 20-minute kettlebell workout

– Price range: PHP 600 – PHP 2,000


– This exercise is harder than it looks but it’s worth the fantastic cardio you get. It helps burn your major calories and improves your coordination and bone density.

– Calorie burn: 10 calories in a minute; more than 200 calories in two 10-minute sessions

– Price range: PHP 150 – PHP 600


– This is the most common gym equipment, of course, your home gym would not be complete without this. Weightlifting improves athletic performance and the best way to shape your muscles.

– Calorie burn: 68 calories/hour

– Price range: PHP 5,000 – PHP 8,000 /session


– To make you feel comfortable doing your exercise, particularly your ab workout or push-ups, an exercise or yoga mat is a must.

– Price range: PHP 200 – PHP 1,000

There are different ways to be fit and stay fit without the need of going to the gym yet but make sure to condition yourself through watching any available videos or app or consult an expert first before doing any exercise. Now, you can have your basic gym set-up at home with all the suggested equipment mentioned on an installment basis. Download my Home Credit app on Google Play Store through this link apply today.

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