Looking For Good Android Alternatives To iPhone Camera?

We’ve lined up budget Android alternatives which have camera and video capabilities that MIGHT SURPRISE given drastic price points. *wink*

Which is the fairest camera of them all?

In one glance, Realme XT wins when it comes to most number of cameras. Top that with a whooping 64 MP main cam that’s perfect for budget-conscious ladies and gents who aim for creativity and flexibility.

And, oh! Samsung A50’s 25 MPl selfie camera had to be triple checked because that figure is just wild, ain’t it?

IMPORTANT NOTE: Megapixels and camera set up open a huge and passionate debate so, we’d leave that bit to you.

The 1080p And The 4K Rule

When it comes to video capabilities, iPhone SE and iPhone 11 are winners, but… wait.

Truth be told, when it comes to video, 1080p@30fps is decent if you’re just uploading it on social media.

For more dramatic shots and transitions that are larger than life, more frames are needed. More frames mean more storage space. And if you’re going 4K all the way, we kid you not when we say you have to have so much storage space.

So, do you already have an “iPhone alternative” pick for vids and pics?

Bene Perey, Ambidextrous Ambivert

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