How To Turn Your Small Space To Your Kid’s Study Area

As a parent, one of the most exciting moments is when you can finally teach your child to write his or her first word and read his or her first sentence.

Find a corner or any available space inside your studio type, apartment or an up and down type of house where you think is good to put up your kid’s study area. This space should help you get your child to focus while studying without any distractions. Lastly, keep it comfortable with sufficient air circulation and adequate lighting.

Below are some tips that you may need in turning a small space at home to your kid’s study area: 

– Invest in a good study table and study chair. Choose a table and chair that is durable, sturdy, and appropriate with the age of your child.

– The estimated price of kid’s study table with a chair: PHP 500 – PHP 3,000

– Put better lighting. This is a crucial aspect of your kid’s study room as he or she will be spending hours at the desk – writing and reading. Putting a desk lamp on the study table is a good idea.

– The estimated price of desk lamp: PHP 300 – PHP 1,000

– You may also put simple personalized accessories like pen holders, or desk organizers. This will also help your child be organized. 

– The estimated price of pen holders: PHP 100 – PHP 500  

Watching your child learn is no doubt one of your proudest moments as a parent. You can now start to support them by giving them a study area at home. Download my Home Credit app today on Google Play Store thru this link to check what you can get on an installment basis for your kid’s study room.

Visualizer: Tatyana Ryltsova

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