How To Protect My Card Information And Secure my HC Loan

Here are some tips on how to protect your credit card information:

Tip #1 Never give your card information to anyone

Don’t share your credit card details to anyone such as 16-digit number, card expiration date, CVV, and OTP. Home Credit will never ask these from you. Remember that surrendering any of this information can lead to credit card scam.

Tip #2 Don’t surrender your card to anyone

Following Tip #1, keep all your card information confidential and only to yourself. Do not tell it even with your relatives.

Tip #3 Protect your personal information

Limit the amount of information you share online. Only provide personal or card information to trusted and secured websites to avoid being scammed or identity being stolen.

Tip #4 Shop only on trusted websites

For a safe and secured online transaction, always check that the URL address should start with “https” and there should be a padlock icon beside it.

Tip #5 Always review your recent transactions and your monthly statements

Review your account activities by checking the My Home Credit app, your e-STATEMENT, and through SMS alerts sent to your mobile phone after every transaction. Should you observed any unrecognized transactions, please immediately call our Customer Service hotline at (02) 7753-5711. You can also use our My Home Credit Philippines app for easier monitoring.

Tip #6 Report Lost or stolen cards immediately to Home Credit

For DAMAGED, LOST AND STOLEN cards or any UNAUTHORIZED TRANSACTIONS, please contact our Customer Service hotline at (02) 7753-5711 to immediately address your concern.

Now, let’s talk about how to keep my Home Credit Loan secured

 Talk to Home Credit via secured channels

Transact only to Home Credit via legitimate sources:

For easy and convenient transaction, you may download the My Home Credit App in Google play. It’s completely free. If you are uncertain as to the person you are talking to, please contact our Customer Service Hotline.

Use only you loan account number in paying any transaction to Home Credit

Home Credit will NEVER ask you to pay on a different reference number. Use only your loan account number provided to you on your loan application in paying to Home Credit.

0% Down Payment for all cash loan offer

Reminder! Home Credit does not ask for any down payment for any CASH LOAN offers. We also do not process cash loan application via SMS. The messages you receive from us is only for the offers and loan reminders.

Do not share your personal information in Public

Since social media has been part of our daily lives, we should not put too much of our personal information in Public due to the risk of your information or your identity being used by others. Be responsible on what you post, share, and broadcast online. Do not share your password/OTPs, and pin numbers to others.

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