Cash Loan 101: What you need to consider when getting a cash loan 

Have you ever felt the need to pay for something badly needed, for emergencies, or to add for your small business, but running out of cash? We’ve all experienced this once in our lives. Luckily, there is now available option to help us meet financial demands needed to cover sudden expenses and that is thru cash loan. However, there are factors needs to be considered on availing and getting one.

Here are some of the do’s and dont’s on getting a cash loan:


  • Assess if you really need to get a cash loan. Usual circumstances where you may need a cash loan includes emergency expenses, paying bills/alternative payday loan, minimal home renovation, debt consolidation, paying for rent, and paying for appliances.
  • Make your existing loan/s payment on time. No matter what the circumstance you will consider, cash loans must be paid back at a given time period.
  • Understand how much you can afford to pay back each month. There are lenders which offer low interest when you pay back your loan for at least 2-3months after borrowing.
  • Choose a loan term depending on the amount of your loan and the capacity to pay it every month. The capacity to pay your loan depends on your capacity to generate money monthly – may it be from salary or from a business.
  • List down a budget guide. Be mindful and take note of your current bills and commitments. This will help you track your budget for the whole month particularly your payments.
  • Read carefully the terms and conditions.


  • Borrow or apply for a loan from unauthentic or unofficial lenders.
  • Get a loan that you are unsure if you can pay for it.
  • Apply for a new credit of any kind while you still have an existing loan.
  • Get behind bills or ignore your due dates.
  • Resign and change employment as much as possible. Employment changes will affect your income, then it will affect also your budget and payment.

Cash loans can help put all your worries to rest particularly for instance of the sudden need for money but considering the capacity to pay is a must to consider. Get your cash loan only through a trusted lender or company. Download my Home Credit app today on Google Play Store thru this link to check if you have a cash loan offer from Home Credit. #

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