Business Ideas from Hobbies Inspired/Ignited by The Lockdown

Do you still remember the time when it was announced that the whole country will be on lockdown situation? Clueless about what lockdown clearly means during that time, we still obliged to the government because it was the proper thing to be done.
Days, weeks, and months have passed, and we were surprised how this pandemic changed our lives into the ‘new normal’. There were people who lost their jobs, and there were businesses that need to be closed for a while, indeed, many have lost their sources of income. But there is one fact we always prove the world and ourselves, that, us, Pinoys are undeniably survivors. We can always do something and look for hope despite challenging times like what is happening now.
Considering that part of the new normal is staying more often at home, there were hobbies and talents unlocked that are exceptionally helpful during this lockdown. Aside from there were people going crazy about viral dances on TikTok, there were also business ideas gone viral on the internet that could support financially those who need extra income during the lockdown.
Baked and non-baked foodies
If you love to cook and enjoy being in the kitchen, this is a good idea for your startup. Given that there is more time to prepare and think of different strategies on your menu, you can think of more ways to improve your product.
Aside from the usual foods that are being baked, there are new innovations that came out from home-based entrepreneurs which can be bought online.
Baked sushi
– Capital: PHP 500=4 tubs
– Selling price: PHP 250/tub
– Profit: PHP 250×4 = PHP 1,000
No Bake Macaroni (mac & cheese)
– Capital: PHP 646 = 14 tubs
– Selling price: PHP 100/tub
– Profit: PHP 100×14= PHP 1,400
Ube Cheese Pandesal
– Capital: PHP 152 for 27 pcs
– Selling price: PHP 20/pc.
– Profit: PHP 20×27= PHP 540
No-Bake Cookies and Cream Float
– Capital: PHP 371 for 3 tubs
– Selling Price: 250/tub
– Profit: PHP 250 x3= PHP750
Personalized goodies 
There are creativities that appeared during the lockdown. And if you think you could also do creative stuff, then these business ideas are what suits you.
Art Seller
– This could be a good time to produce more of your arts as an artist and start to sell them depends on the design and medium you used.
– Profit: PHP 500 – PHP 1,500/per art design
Personalized Face Mask
– Capital: PHP300 for 15pcs
– Selling Price: PHP 90/pc
– Profit: PHP 90×15= PHP 1,350
Photo edit
– If you are a photographer, you might want to consider editing photos as raket during this lockdown.
– Selling Price: PHP 150 for 200 photos
– Profit: 1000 photos = PHP 750
Pre-loved or brand-new items 
If you are into fashion or fond of wearing nice outfits or nice footwear, you could actually use this idea to put up your clothing business. You can also buy RTW items or buy new ones and sell them online. Selling via live stream is what you can see all over your newsfeed, because you can really make a profit out of this, and discover some skills on customer service.
Selling pre-loved items
– Capital: PHP 1,500 for 20 items
– Profit: PHP 150×20 = PHP 3,000
Brandnew items
– Capital: PHP 2,000 (10-15 items)
– Profit: PHP 250-300x 10= PHP 2,500-PHP3,000
Though there were doubts about how you could survive these challenging times, always think of how far you have gone and will go. Always keep in mind that tough times don’t last, tough people do.
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