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Medical supplies and personal protective equipment—these are some of the essentials we’ve been able to provide communities thanks to the global relationships we were able to build as a multinational company. Having this opportunity to work in diverse markets, we are even more committed to bring good to as many lives as we can, especially in these challenging times. At #HomeCredit, our belief is in healing, and winning as one.

Home Credit was able to distribute tons of medical supplies which includes almost one million items of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

In Russia, there were 100,000 surgical masks given to pensioners. While in Kazakhstan, Home Credit donated about 30,000 KN95 respirators and 70,000 surgical masks received by the City Council of Almaty. Another 30,000 KN95 respirators and 130,000 surgical masks given to Ministry of Health and Family Welfare in India. The National Hospital for Tropical Diseases in Vietnam were able to receive 50,000 KN95 respirators donated by Home Credit. There were 50,000 KN95 respirators and 50,000 surgical masks given to Indonesian National Board for Disaster Management in Indonesia. Another recipient from State of Massachusetts Government in USA received 60,000 KN95 respirators and 70,000 surgical masks. And in the Philippines, the Department of Health was able to receive 50,000 KN95 respirators and 180,000 surgical masks.

Home Credit doesn’t only donate PPE, but was also able to provide employee health insurance, donates food, and offers free telemedicine consultations.

Home Credit enjoins the world as we altogether fight against this pandemic. Together, we shall win. Download My Home Credit app on Google Play Store to know more about the products offered by Home Credit.

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