Avoid commuting hassle, get your own E-scooter

Have you gone back to work or the grocery lately? You’d probably see few commuters using an e-scooter as their means of transportation. This perhaps gives you nostalgic feels as you remember the kick scooters version in your childhood.  

Today’s version of scooter which is called and reinvented as “e-scooter” is safe and recommended to use in private (inner) and barangay roads only, mostly on pedestrian walkways and bicycle lanes. Riders are required to wear a protective helmet, like those designed for a bicycle rider.   

These e-scooters are helpful not just in lessening your travel time but also comfortable and trendy. For example, your usual 1-hour travel to work could go down to 30-45 minutes, or your 30 minutes travel to the supermarket could be done in 10-15 minutes using the e-scooter.  And you can relax while riding in your office clothes or wearing your OOTD because there is no pedaling required. 

In case, you are planning or convinced to have buy e-scooter, here are some of the available e-scooters in the Philippines: 

Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Mijia M365 Smart E Scooter 

 This two-wheel e-scooter has an IP54 waterproof feature that can still use in wet ground and sand. Also, it has a lightweight material that needs 5 hours of charging time. 

 Other features: Foldable, 8-inch tire size, Range per charge: 30km, Power: 201-500w, Voltage: 42V 

– Estimated price: Php 20,000 

– Installment (6 mos): PHP 2,667/month DP: PHP 4,480 

EcoRide 2 Electric Kick Scooter (Gen 2) 

 This e-scooter comes with a dual-brake system (front-wheel: E-ABS anti-lock system, rear-wheel: mechanical disk brake). It also has 4 LED monitor screen displays which you can see and monitor the battery, speed, and has bluetooth connection.  

– Other features: Foldable, battery capacity: 500wh, range per charge: 30km, 6 protection functions: short-circuit protection, over-current protection, overcharge protection, over-discharge protection, low-voltage protection, and temperature anomaly protection, 3-speed modes: Low, Medium and High 

– Estimated Price: Php 20, 500 

– Installment (9 mos): PHP 1,882/month DP: PHP 4,592 

XIAOMI Electric Scooter Pro  

– This e-scooter has a maximum speed of approximately 25km/h and a powerful lithium battery life. It has a climbing feature with a maximum of 12degrees. 

– Other features: braking: electrical and physical brake, general range: 45km, max. load:100kg, charging time 8-9hrs 

– Estimated price: Php 25, 000 

– Installment: (12mos) PHP 1,667/month DP: PHP 5,600 


Freego Electric Scooter 

– This lightweight e-scooter has lithium battery cells and has a display panel for power and mileage. It has also 20km/h maximum speed. 

– Other features: Range per charge: 25km, charging period: 2 hrs, max load: 100kgs, max climbing angle: 15degree, tire: 6.5inc pneumatic tire, foldable 

– Estimated price: Php 16,000 

– Installment: (6mos) PHP 2,133/month DP: PHP 3,584 


Segway Electric Scooter ES1 

– This e-scooter offers a riding comfort for it has a shock absorber feature in the front wheel. It was made for urban transportation and has 20kph top speed.  

Other feature: Modes: Speed limit; standard and sport mode, has a rear reflector, General range: 45km, charging time: 3-4 hours,  

– Estimated price: Php 25, 000 

– Installment: (6 mos) PHP 3,333/month DP: PHP 5,600 

E-scooters offers a promising idea to travel in a convenient and fast way while being environment-friendly and low-cost. If you think you need one, then get it now on an installment basis via Home Credit. Download my Home Credit app today on Google Play Store thru this link https://bit.ly/3jfDwJ0 to apply


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