5 Ways to Shop Responsibly During the New Normal

Meet your new normal shopping companion.

This pandemic has truly changed the way we live in every way. 😷😷😷 And that includes the way we shop. Sure, it’s great to do shopping online, nothing beats the thrill of walking to a store, right?

So, before you go forth and shop your wallets away, here are some of the things you need to remember when shopping during the new normal:

  1. Don’t forget to bring the new normal essentials.

We all know that wearing a mask and face shield is a must these days, but using the right ones is even more important. It would be best to use KN95 masks and face shields that cover the sides of face and mouth. Always keep your sanitizers handy so that you can disinfect your hands whenever you touch merchandizes.

  1. Use Smile Rewards as your shopping companion.

It’s still best for you to limit your exposure to crowded places to as little as possible. In order to do that, it would be smart to have a game plan ready even before you step outside. This is where Smile Rewards can be your new best friend because there’s already a catalog of discounts from 15,000 stores that you can browse through.

All you need to do is decide which shops, promos, and locations you’re interested in, plan your itinerary, and shop.

  1. Go to trusted stores that implement health safety protocols properly.

Coping with the new safety guidelines is not easy but we are proud that our partner stores take these protocols seriously.

For example, store like Toms ensures that the store capacity limit is always observed.

Folded and Hung always applies the best practices in keeping waiting areas and fitting rooms sanitized.

Each staff at FC home is trained to wear their PPEs and to sanitize their hands regularly.

The best part of it is, there are a lot more deals from these responsible stores that are waiting for you in our catalog. So, download the Home Credit app now and start hunting for the best deals at Smile Rewards.

Have fun on your shopping spree!

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