Partner with us and grow your business

Our Retail Partners

You can find our Sales Assistants in these retailers

Brands available in Concept Stores

Enjoy shopping on installment with these brands

Benefits of partnership

Enhance your business with our financing and start counting new customers!

Get more customers

With easy financing options available today, customers don’t need to postpone their purchasing decisions. Such option will draw new customers to the shop and give you an advantage over your competitors

Get recommended

Enabling people to shop on installments means helping them to fulfill their dreams and desires. That makes them happy and willing to share their experience with friends and family

Boost your sales volume

The financing option helps increase your sales volumes as the customers’ buying capacity is no longer limited. Customers may also upgrade their purchase choice as buying power is augmented.

Intensify your sales

Intensify sales efficiency and gain a competitive advantage. You will not have to turn your customers away as you get higher footfall to sale conversion rates with easy financing options available at the point of sale.

Accelerate your growth

A happy customer becomes easily a repeat buyer. Everybody knows that repeat customers spend more than new customers and that it is easier to sell something to a customer than to a prospect.

Broaden your product scope

Enhancing the buying power of your customer helps increase the scope and variety of products on offer, facilitating business expansion and increasing profitability.

Retailer Registration Process

5 simple steps to become Home Credit partner

1. Preliminary evaluation and initial negotiations
2. Submission of registration forms and requisite documentation
3. Evaluation of the retailer and retail outlet
4. Activation of the shop, training and merchandising
5. Ongoing support, monitoring and management