The Filipino Online Shoppers Pain Points

Pretty sure you had one of those days where you don’t feel much of yourself, like quite not a good day then you resorted to having a retail therapy. I felt that too and that was totally acceptable. For all we know shopping – may it be in physical or online, brings us a sense of achievement and lowers the level of our stress. That is what researches have proved and shown, so if someone asks why you do you tend to shop when you’re not feeling okay, let them know the benefits of shopping. 😊

In case you are wondering, what we will discuss for pain points here are not really something like areas on your back which are painful or in your head because of your headache. It actually refers to specific problems of customers experiencing when they shop for items.

But seriously, as customers, as much as it gives us pleasure, we do experience different problems whenever we shop on physical and even in online stores, though these problems are tolerable and could be addressed properly.

And speaking of shopping, nowadays, we rely very much on online shopping. Aside from it is convenient, it could give us wide variations to choose from aside from going to one physical store to another. Also, you can shop anytime you want thru online, no store hours and you have chances to get your items on discount or on cheaper price other than going to physical stores.

Though as mentioned, while online shopping gives online shoppers a good vibe, here are some of the pain points of Pinoy online shoppers are experiencing.

Too long to make a purchase

Let us admit it, online shopping feels so different from physical store especially with the ‘add to cart’ feature. This feature is like ‘reservation’, where we can still re-think if we will purchase the items we have placed here. Then after adding items to cart, we will proceed with the checkout process, now this is where the problem sometimes arises. There are online shops that have a lot of processes when paying or checking out the items you purchase. When the checkout process makes us feel like falling in line with a physical store, we tend not to continue with our purchase and left our items on the cart.

Information given isn’t enough

There are items we opted to buy as a result of scrolling up and down on the online shop. Sometimes we don’t realize we needed those items upon reading the information about it. However, another problem that we encounter when we buy online is there are items available but don’t have enough information about how to use them, its benefits, and the like.

Expectation vs. Reality

Have you tried ordering an item that looks really good on screen, and when your order came, you just did a facepalm? That is what expectation and reality feels. This is the most common problem of online shoppers. Sometimes it’s about the sizes and measurements of what you order doesn’t fit.

Packaging and delivery experience

There is nothing worse than receiving your purchased items in a bad shape. It is like your purchase was not valued. And also, the delivery experience is not good. For example, the courier delivered your items on the wrong address, or the delivery period wasn’t followed by the online shop.

Online shopping has its advantages and disadvantages. You just need to double-check the legitimacy of the online shop you want to make your purchase with. Home Credit guarantees a better shopping experience through its Marketplace where you can choose from a wide variety of items and have a comparison from other products.