Claim your 10% Discount on Potato Corner here!

Potato Corner’s newly launched Super Chicken Pops is now available at 10% off when you use Home Credit’s SMILE discounts.

Claiming your SMILE discount is easy:

  1. Download the Home Credit App.
  2. Click DISCOUNTS and search for POTATO CORNER.
  3. Scan the store’s QR code in their counter.
  4. Present the claim code to the cashier, pay in cash, and enjoy your Super Chicken Pops!

We all know and love Potato Corner’s classic flavored fries. Now, imagine that in crispy, juicy, and perfectly fried chicken pieces available in Cheese, BBQ, Sour Cream, and Chili BBQ.

There are 3 variants to suit your level of cravings!

Solo comes with Super Chicken Pops only.

Snack comes with Super Chicken Pops and fries.

Meal comes with a BIG serving of Super Chicken Pops and fries.

Click this link to learn more:!