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How do I register in My Home Credit App?

You don’t even have to be a current Home Credit customer to download and register for the My Home Credit app. Just go to Google Play Store and search for “My Home Credit” to download.

Registering is just 4 easy steps to enjoy all the benefits of being a Home Credit customer:
1. Tell us about yourself! We want to know you more and ensure that you are this awesome person that you are registering for. There is even an option to use your Facebook, now that is easy!
2. Verify your mobile number. We will send relevant messages to this number, we promise not to send SPAM and only communicate offers that you will really want to get.
3. Take a Selfie Photo! Smile for the camera! At Home Credit, we are using the latest technologies to make verifying your identity simple, seamless and hassle free, all you need to bring is your face
4. Set a PIN. Convenience is the key here. A one time set-up of PIN secures your account and makes logging in more convenient for you. No need to remember username and password!

Just click here to download My Home Credit App (