Basic Principles

Finally, once you’ve found a loan and a provider that suits you, ask yourself – are you fulfilling these key principles of safe and responsible borrowing? We will of course be happy to serve you directly in the retailer’s shop that is closest to you. But please bear in mind these important principles – they are here to make life easier and safer for both you and us.

DO not take out a loan for gambling. The lender is legally obliged to prevent you from doing so.

NEVER take out a loan just to repay your previous loan. A better way is to talk to your lender directly and solve the problem without taking on more debt.

DO not take a loan on somebody else’s behalf. When you take a loan, you are personally liable for full repayment.

DO not take out a loan bigger than what our representatives advise you.

ALWAYS stick to your repayment calendar and consistently pay before the due date. In doing so, you will avoid additional costs.

IMMEDIATELY let us know if you change your address or your phone number. This will avoid making our staff search for you.

For any questions you may have or any help you may need, contact our Customer Service Hotline at 02-7535711 or email